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Rise to Fame: Meet The lord Puneet Superstar

Puneet Kumar, also known as Lord Puneet Superstar, has gained popularity as a social media sensation due to his entertaining online content.

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1975-Bihar, India

Currently he lives in delhi

lord puneet superstar

Additionally, it is known that (stated by him) he allocates 90% of his income to help underprivileged children and individuals, thus authentically earning the admiration and affection of the public.

Puneet Superstar In Bigg Boss OTT 2

He made his debut in Bigg Boss OTT 2 and was evicted by the housemates within 21 hours.

However, even after being homeless, he won the hearts of the people and people gave him even more love. After leaving the house, the number of her Instagram followers has increased to 3.3 million

puneet   superstar instagram followers 3.3 M Followers on instagram

Puneet Superstar confirms Kangana Ranaut has invited him for Lock Up Season 2

Lord Puneet Superstar will be a part of Lockup season 2